When Google paid Search goes to far

I recently got overwhelmed by a feeling of guilt, when reading about the ongoing hunger crisis in Africa, that only got worse with the war in Ukraine.

I was just on my way home and looking forward on makeing a delicious pizza at home. It is so absurd to me that problems that form a big portion of the lifes of others, is not even present in my thinking. Living my life does not o not need that much money, I would only spend it on materialistic things anyways (what I actually try not to to). So, I decided on donateing some amount.

But then there is the Problem to what cause and what charity…
My first thoughts were the names of well established big organizations like „Glückskette“ or „Unicef“. It was only when I googled those organization that I got a disgusted: they are sponsering content for Google searches on their „compeditors“. So they actually spend money to influence/manipulate on which „good cause“ you donate your money to.

The same with organizations like Greenpeace and WWF.

Unbeliefable, they even have to spend money just to be on the top of the results, even if you search specifically for them.

Thes could also be linked on a possible cause for a future downfall of Google as the main search engine. They are not delivering usable results anyomere. SOme years ago maybe one or thwo Blocks were sponsered, but now… I have even seen 6 blocks of sponsored conthent bevore the actuall results were displayed.

That mkes it even more easy for competitors like bing to overtake and I would say, they have dug their own grave… Well deserved.


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