Not all projects are on this Website, but I try my best to add the best ones in the following months. Or years …let’s be realistic 😉

  • Surface Stand – my most usefull 3D print …so far

    Surface Stand – my most usefull 3D print …so far

    I was sitting at the kitchen table, doing some home office, when I had the idea to shove my pencile case underneath my laptop. It made a nice incline for the keyboard to type on and more importantly, the screen was almost on head height, which is much more comfortable for your neck – „that’s…

  • „Maturaarbeit“ 2017

    „Maturaarbeit“ 2017

    It is quite funny to me to look back at what I did before my degree in mechanical enigneering – how I solved problems without the propper knowledge and without propper tools. Still, I am quite happy about the outcome, but more over I am really thankful to all the opportunities this pice of work…