Surface Stand – my most usefull 3D print …so far

I was sitting at the kitchen table, doing some home office, when I had the idea to shove my pencile case underneath my laptop. It made a nice incline for the keyboard to type on and more importantly, the screen was almost on head height, which is much more comfortable for your neck – „that’s it“ I thought.

Since I got a 3D printer and some design skills, I went to work. For me it is important that things are designed as usable as possible, so the stand should be integrated into the design of my Surface Book 2 and should not conflict with its usability or formfactor. The outcome of 3 itterations of designs, are rails that clip to the vent holes and are held togheter by a rubber strap. To retract them one can just slightly angle them away and slides them upwards. As soon as you let go, the thief grip back into the vent holes and the rails are secured.

So far, I have been using it for 3 months and am still pretty pleased with the end result. The contraption does not noticably make the Laptop thicker and is stable enough for a nice typing experience, while also being practical in everyday handling of the laptop.

*dont mind the stickers, they do not represent my personality, nore my opinions 😉

Also, it makes for a great eyecatcher in cafés or while studying among other students.

You can download the .stp file for 3D printing here:

Or if you are a good friend, just hit me up 😉

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    • Thanks! Actually it is surprisingly durable and sterdy. I have one made out of ABS on my Surface Book since july. It can woble a bit while standing up, but while typing with your hands on the keyboard it is steady through the applied weight.

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